AISL to PPA: Use GoFast as container monitoring system

The Association of International Shipping Lines (AISL) is offering the use of its GoFast system in place of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA)-proposed container registry and monitoring system (CRMS).

AISL president Patrick Ronas, in an interview with PortCalls, said the GoFast system is already in use by all but one member line and may be expanded or modified to fit CRMS requirements.

PPA in June consulted the public on a proposal to establish a container tracking and tagging system for import containers, later calling the system CRMS. CRMS is designed to record all import containers passing in and out of terminals under PPA jurisdiction to provide real-time monitoring on the location, status and movement of containers—from their discharge from the terminal to their return to an empty depot and to the port for re-export.

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