Brands seen to add products adapting rise of health, climate concerns

Brands are expected to add more products to their portfolios that contain beneficial ingredients and promise health improvements as consumers look to improve their overall physical and mental health especially amid the pandemic.

A Market Intelligence Digest cited the Wellbeing Trend Driver underscoring the need to protect consumer health with the continued rise of climate and pollution concerns.

“This health focus will extend to the clothing industry, especially during and after the pandemic, being seen with the creation of protective equipment that protects consumers against viruses, air pollution and other diseases,” the online publication of the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) said.

Likewise, consumers’ climate concerns are driving innovation across many sectors, with the clothing industry looking for alternative, more eco-friendly materials to turn into textile fibers such as recycled fibers, ocean plastic, and food waste.

The report listed as example face masks, which are essentials during the pandemic, wherein disposable ones are creating new plastic pollution.

Brands are thus innovating to make these more sustainable and create alternative sustainable or biodegradable masks using recycled plastics or eco-designed fibers, it said.

“Adding wellbeing and beneficial elements to face masks, such as skincare benefits or filtering air pollution, allows consumers to support and improve both the environment and their own wellbeing,” it added.

For one, Spanish sustainable textile brand Pyrates that focuses on creating eco-designed textiles that replace synthetic fibers.

The report said Pyrates has created a face mask made from seaweed fibers. Its new face masks are made from seaweed from the Northern Atlantic, which is then transformed into a powder that is combined with cellulose fiber.

These provide breathability while taking care of the skin, as the fibers contain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals which are beneficial to the skin, it added.

Moreover, Colombian brand Maaji is selling fashionable protective clothing made from recycled plastic while Amazfit is creating a face mask that can self-disinfect with UV light when not in use.

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