Designing digital storefront to create visually strong brand page

Companies are advised to design digital storefront that reflect their brands identity to entice more buyers to make a purchase.

“Why is graphic design powerful?… There is a purpose behind it, it might be like an announcement or a presentation. It’s not just you, there are other people involved when it comes to designing and the idea is to communicate what you think to other people as clearly and as concise as possible,” said Mavs Soriano, graphic designer at Canva Philippines in a webinar.

Soriano cited four elements for creating good brands and graphic design for a digital storefront-text, image, color and layout.

He said firms need to choose the right font which has its own language and different personalities.

“(It) can be mysterious, casual, elegant but there is saying that the best font choices are ones where the reader does not notice the font but the message itself. It’s really important to tie what kind of brand you are and what kind of font you should use,” he added.

Soriano said they can make slides more interesting by adding images that include illustrations.

He said color is also an important element in designing a digital storefront.

“Colors give distinct to your logo and in return, people will remember you, will easily associate the values that the color represents so it’s a powerful tool especially for branding,” he added.

Soriano said they should likewise use layout which is “the way it should be seen in the public.”

“Always, always try to put your logo on your posts because that’s the way people would identify you,” he said.

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