Designs appealing to digitally savvy Generation Z cited

Trend forecaster WGSN has cited key motivations for digitally savvy Generation Z which brands can consider to prevent overselling tech’s benefits to them.

“While Gen Zers enjoy the greater connectivity and entertainment that technology brings, tech’s impact on mental health and privacy have also raised negative sentiments. Gen Z’s relationship with technology is a complicated one, with sentiments that may seem contradictory at first glance,” said client specialist Kelly Bongrain in a webinar.

Bongrain said that as Gen Z encompasses a large age range currently 10 to 25 years old, the worldviews of older Gen Zers will differ from their younger counterparts.

She said five key motivations for this generation include wellness warriors, budget-conscious creators, all-in gamers, virtual socialization and tech-enabled escapism.

“Gen Z’s lifelong experience with technology has blurred lines between their digital and real lives, extending into their entertainment choices, careers, mental health and even entire social lives,” she added.

Bongrain said a growing class of cost-conscious creators are checking demand for budget creative tools.

“Gen Z is far more likely to aspire to be creators or influencers than generations before, bolstering demand for prosumer gear and craft production tools,” she said.

Bongrain said Gen Z gamers are expanding the gaming peripheral market, as a cohort that spends the most amount of time gaming compared to any generation before.

“Fueled by the desire for more social connections, the use of tech and digital platforms to find new friends has grown in popularity,” she said.

From exploring virtual worlds to seeking nostalgia in old tech, Bongrain said Gen Z is looking to tech as a means of escaping their current realities.

“This escapism is closely related to the desire for lo-tech lifestyles. In the face of an increasingly digital future, youths are choosing to be less connected and to take back power from the technologies they use,” she said.

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