ECOP, PHILEXPORT: ‘Give new administration a chance’

Two large business groups—the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) and the Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (PHILEXPORT)—have called on the nation to “give the new administration a chance”—as they stressed they are willing to work in partnership with the incoming government toward positive change.

The appeal came in a joint written statement signed by Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr., president of both ECOP, representing the voice of employers in the country, and PHILEXPORT, the umbrella organization of exporters.

Ortiz-Luis said that with the intense period of campaigning and national elections now over, “it is time to settle down and go back to work” amid the many challenges facing the economy and the country.

“We have businesses to revive and sustain; employees to provide salaries to and an economy to nourish to progress,” the statement, issued May 12, declared. “Work also means continuing to push our recovery and reform agenda to neutralize the impacts of the still threatening COVID-19 pandemic, a fragile economic recovery, increasing fuel prices that impact on all products and services, and rising foreign debts.”

While asking the people to give the next administration a chance to prove itself, the two organizations also bared their expectations from the new government.

“We do not expect the incoming public officials to solve all these problems even in six years. But we hope that having been given the mandate and consistent with their election promises, they continue to build on the strong fundamentals and gains of the outgoing administration and closely involve key stakeholders in addressing the remaining gaps and challenges.”

“Thus as far as business is concerned, we remain a willing government partner as engines of positive change and growth. We expect this collaboration to continue and strengthen as we work closely with the incoming administration. Together, let us give this new administration a chance. Together, let us bring to successful completion our common cause towards rebuilding better and stronger. This much we owe our country, our children and generations to come,” the statement concluded.

The May 2022 elections have been one of the most contentious and polarizing electoral exercises in Philippine history. Unofficial May 9 presidential election results show Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., son of the late deposed president Ferdinand Marcos, Sr., winning by a wide margin over his closest rival, opposition bet Leni Robredo.

Congress is expected to begin canvassing of votes for the presidency and vice presidency on May 24, which would lead to the proclamation of Marcos, Jr. as winner of the presidential race and his running mate, Sara Duterte, as winner of the vice presidential race.

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