Export diversification, product innovations pushed

The country needs to diversify its exports and market destinations and introduce more product innovations in a bid to boost its exports performance, according to a paper released by state think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS).

In terms of the industrial exports, the research paper titled “Facilitating Structural Transformation through Product Space Analysis: The Case of Philippine Exports” said one short-run diversification strategy is to focus on the products that are not yet substantially produced but the country has revealed comparative advantage (RCA) in.

“The starting points of the first strategy are the existing exports already produced (although not substantially, accounting for less than 0.5 percent of the country’s total exports) by the country and require less adjustments in the production structures,” it said.

Potential markets for these goods include Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) economies and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) members, it added.

The paper said the agricultural sector can diversify into the production of goods with higher sophistication content as well.

In the short run, the country can focus on improving the production structure of agricultural goods which the country has RCA in, but are not yet substantially produced.

These include processed fish and seafood, industrial oil, cereals/pasta/bread, animal/vegetable fats/oil, and extracts/dye.

The paper further said another short-run diversification strategy looks at products that are relatively close to the country’s current production structure but the country has no RCA in.

Potential products include part/accessories of instruments/devices/equipment, equipment/devices/parts of electrical nature, minerals, parts/accessories of motor vehicles, products related to plastics, among others.

It added potential markets for these goods include OECD economies, ASEAN countries, Brazil, and Morocco.

Some OECD and ASEAN economies are markets for goods in the country’s current export basket such as integrated circuits, static converters, and photosensitive/photovoltaic/LED semiconductor devices, color television receivers/monitors/projectors, and crude/ refined copra oil.

Further, the paper said it is imperative to promote an environment that encourages innovations as a way of doing business, noting that innovations are correlated with the firm’s productivity and employment growth.

“To facilitate product innovations, there is a need to ensure that process innovations are integrated into the various stages of good production. This will require increased servicification,” it added.

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