Exporters urged to avail DTI-EMB’s programs, services

The Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) is encouraging exporters and aspiring exporters to avail of its programs and services, including business matching and market and product consultations, to compete globally.

Senen Briones, senior trade and investment development specialist at Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB), said outbound business matching mission (OBMM) is done online with the pandemic.

“There were many instances where we conducted virtual business matching missions together with the help of our embassies and the Philippine trade posts, our commercial attaches. And inbound business missions are also conducted virtually now…,” he said in a mixed English and Filipino in a webinar.

Briones said export transactions are also conducted online.

“So if you are aspiring to be an exporter or an exporter already and have no account yet, please go to the website, http://tradeline.dti.gov.ph, then you can see a business matching and then you can register there if you are an existing exporter,” he added.

Briones said they may also access the portal to get export data and file export complaints.

“(We) analyze those data so manufacturers or traders or producers, when you need export data, we can supply that for you. We don’t just depend on PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) because we also have foreign trade data that came from them. We have an agreement with them that we are regularly being provided with this export data,” he said.

Briones said the DTI-EMB also helps in resolving export trade complaints.

According to the portal, the Export Trade Complaints Committee (ETCC) handles trade complaints arising from disputes between local suppliers/ exporters and foreign buyers.

Trade complaint cases may be filed with the DTI-EMB through the ETCC.

DTI-EMB staff are Supreme Court of the Philippines-accredited mediators on export trade-related complaints.

Briones further said the Bureau likewise provides market and product consultations.

He said market officers oversee developments in the international market, especially those involving the country’s existing free trade agreements (FTAs).

“So if you need information on these markets, tariff duty or non-tariff barriers, or any information on these markets, please contact us. On products, product officers are in close contact with the industry associations here so we will know what are your problems and determine what interventions that you need to help you in exporting,” he added.

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