MSMES urged to leverage cloud-based e-commerce platform

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are encouraged to leverage a cloud-based e-commerce platform to expand business opportunities even during a pandemic.

Johnson Mamaran, sales and marketing officer of MoneyCache, said limited business activities due to quarantine protocols and limited face-to-face transactions resulted in decreased sales and even closures of some businesses.

“We always want to have an increase in sales, have an increase of profit, and increase in customers. MoneyCache POS (point-of-sale system) can give you the solution –it provides the same high quality service to your customers despite the pandemic by using an online store to sell your products while minimizing health risks,” he said during a virtual presentation.

Developed by LogicBase Interactive LLC, Mamaran said MoneyCache POS provides entrepreneurs business insights and reporting and analytics with in-depth data they need to make more informed business decisions.

“All your day-to-day transactions, the inventories, expenses, your income and all the things that we need to know regarding your business are just one click away. You can generate reports on a daily basis, weekly basis, so there is a lot of time to spend not only on your business but also on other things that do matter, especially our family,” he added.

Mamaran said the system also helps business owners manage their multiple branches in an easy manner.

“The problem is the lack of support of multiple branches/cashiers and requires additional expenses to maintain other branches or additional staff accounts… In MoneyCache, we have a solution for that, you can manage and monitor your entire business from one convenient platform in a centralized backend,” he said.

Mamaran said advanced POS likewise boosts inventory tracking capabilities of businesses.

“MoneyCache (POS) helps easy tracking and replenishing of stocks to better achieve both healthy quantity of a specific product. (Unlike)if you are using paper or spreadsheets to manually input stocks, it might be destroyed, can cause a fire (for example) or your computer has a virus on it…,” he added.

Mamaran further said business owners can access the cloud-based POS on the internet on any device like personal computer, laptop, tablet, and cellular phone.

“Software updates are automatically ‘pushed’ to the POS. Only one to two individuals are required to manage the administrative account and have lower cost,” he said.

With MoneyCache POS, Mamaran said they also have less risk of losing business files as their data is safely stored in cloud storage.

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