PH firms urged to use online platforms to sell goods in China

Filipino entrepreneurs, including those engaged in the food industry, are advised to use online platforms to sell their products in China, the world’s biggest market.

Michael Lee, chief executive officer of ENFO consulting, said products can be promoted with photos and description, and through video marketing.

Lee said that apart from the picture of the finished product, there is a need to indicate background on raw material, good manufacturing practice, and diversified product usage.

He cited as an example the Philippine coconut oil, famous in the world, which exporters should also show the environment of the coconut trees to provide buyers a sense of security.

“For the picture, we also need to show the processing, the environment of these products, maybe a very clean factory so that we can make the buyers think that these products are very clean,” he said in a webinar.

Lee said they may also indicate how these products can be used by babies, pregnant women, and elderly, as well as how these can be applied in the hair, skin or in making food.

“This is very, very useful information… I think these will stimulate customers’ desire to purchase (your products),” he added.

Lee said product description must be also indicated.

“Chinese people are very keen on mathematical expressions and (the) flow of information. Tell Chinese customers directly about our product data and they will make their own judgments. Don’t use adjectives; different people understand the same adjective differently due to cultural differences,” he advised.

Aside from photos, Lee said short videos are currently the most effective way of promoting business in China.

“Visuals communicate information 60,000 times faster than text. The more short videos you release, the higher chance of exposure on online platforms,” he said.

Lee said the video production must be clear and eye-pleasing, adding that “if a mobile phone will (be) use(d) for production, make sure it will be used horizontally.”

He also urged local entrepreneurs to give importance to work efficiency as China provides huge business opportunities but is also the most competitive.

“(In) doing business with Chinese people, you must respond quickly and give a timely reply. Everyone is a workaholic; if there is an efficient supplier with the same frequency, it is a bonus factor,” Lee said.

Lee further cited business-to-business (B2B) online platforms which can be used to sell products in China, including, WeChat and WeChat channels, and TikTok.

He said companies with licenses can register with

“You can export not only to China, but also to other countries,” he added.

Lee said information can be spread quickly in the WeChat channels as all Chinese people in the world use WeChat.

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