PH to expand skills framework for more sectors

The Philippine Skills Framework (PSF) aiming to build the skills and competencies of Filipino workers to support employability, will be expanded for more sectors.

Nelly Nita Dillera, PSF initiative project director and executive director of the Department of Trade and Industry-Philippine Trade Training Center, said other priority sectors for PSF development include the information technology and business process management, tourism, construction, additive manufacturing, food, and health and wellness.

Dillera said sectoral skills frameworks have been already developed for supply chain and logistics, game development and digital animation; and those that cross-sectoral in application including human capital development and marketing and sales.

She added components of PSF are career pathways, occupations and job roles, functional skills and competencies, enabling skills and competencies, and training programs for skills upgrading.

“PSF creates a common skills language for individuals, employers and training providers. (It) builds deep skills for a lean workforce, enhances business competitiveness, (and) supports employment and employability,” she said.

Dillera said the development of skills documents for various sectors benefit employers, individuals, education and training providers, and government, unions and professional bodies.

She said the PSF is a valuable tool for individuals looking to build their careers as it provides training for skills upgrading and deepening, and opportunities for career progression and conversion.

Dillera said employers building the skills of their workforce also benefit from the skills framework initiative, citing the recruitment and talent management, staff deployment, training and development, and performance and rewards management.

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