Tips for staying productive while working from home

As many companies encourage or require employees to work from home due to the pandemic, those working remotely have to create a healthy routine to stay productive.

In a webinar, Luchie Atienza, labor employment officer at Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board-National Capital Region (RTWPB-NCR), advised employees working from home to create a morning routine including exercise, setting a daily schedule, and “stick to it”.

Citing Jobstreet, Atienza said taking a shower and putting on a fresh pair of clothes in the morning can help employees become more productive and energetic.

She said they must make an effort to dress appropriately when attending online meetings.

“Set clear deliverables and specific metrics, for example, weekly targets or weekly accomplishments,” Atienza said, adding they may submit a work plan every Monday to determine what work needs to be completed for the week.

“Once the work is not completed, why was it not completed, what are the issues? In that way, there is open communication (between the employer and employees),” she said in Filipino.

Quoting the International Labor Organization (ILO), Atienza also underscored the need for employers to promote a focus on the quality of work rather than the quantity of work.

Atienza said those working remotely should have a proper workspace so they can work efficiently.

“Avoid areas where there are many destructions like television, (and) dining areas where our housemates mostly go,” she said. “Doing work on the bed or the sofa could be comfortable but less productive.”

Atienza added they must also optimize internet connectivity by setting priorities, and avoiding binge of watching or marathon viewing, and downloading contents illegally.

Dalisay Moog, labor employment officer at RTWPB-NCR, said it is “very important” to keep themselves physically, mentally and spiritually stable while working from home.

“(To improve) physical health, there should be good hygiene. Another is physical activities, there needs to be a regular exercise… We need exercise now to strengthen our immune system,” she said, adding that exercise also boosts memory and self esteem.

Moog also cited the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and taking a break and relaxing.

To boost mental health, she said employees can attend online classes and free webinars.

Moog said they can also determine their potentials and strengths at the same time generating additional income, like a talent for cooking, baking, painting, and online selling.

She added that when employees feel sad, they must stay connected with family and friends through phone or video calls.

“Another is spiritual health, it is achieved when you are able to find hope and comfort even with the hardest time,” Moog said. “Attend online masses to keep your spiritual health in check. Masses can also help. Another is yoga and meditation, (these) can also help develop spiritual wellness. Play music, humidifiers and scented oil (can help you) also relax.”

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