Export Training and Coaching Center

Our Export Training and Coaching Center (ETCC) is the only training and coaching center of its kind in the whole country. It offers trainings and coaching services to SME exporters to ensure export fitness and readiness.

ETCC’s mission

  • to facilitate knowledge transfer to SME exporters
  • to ensure the export fitness and readiness of SME exporters
  • to equip these SME exporters with basic tools to source vital market information, analyze these and develop the right products for the right markets

ETCC’s services

  • coaching services to exporting companies to enhance export marketing and market research capabilities, improve supply chain management, comply with international standards and regulations, identify market opportunities, short-list potential buyers and more …
  • coaching services to companies to develop Export Marketing Plans
  • coaching services to industry sectors to develop Sector Export Marketing Plan
  • seminars on how to penetrate new markets in the European Union and other emerging markets
  • tailor-made workshops and trainings to suit the needs of various exporter groups

ETCC’s expoerts

The ETCC has a pool of highly educated and competent export experts (LEE). A group of independent consultants coming from various disciplines such as banking, quality management, human resource management, manufacturing, production, telecommunications, engineering, logistics, and trade facilitation. They attended a rigorous 6-month training program on export marketing. The training was conducted by Philexport Cebu in cooperation with the Center for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries or CBI Netherlands (CBI), an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For more information on what the ETCC can do for you, contact Mrs. May Sarmiento.

Successful exporting...

is more than just a magic trick!

For more information

Please contact

May Gestole Sarmiento
Phone : 254 4333
Email : mgsarmiento@philexportcebu.org

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