WGSN reveals luxury fashion campaign trends

Trend forecaster WGSN sees luxury fashion campaign for spring/summer (S/S) 2019 focusing on advertisements that reflect the cultural climate.

In a report, WGSN said key themes include feminine strength, escapism, and a desire to blend in with surroundings while standing out from the clutter.

“The line between luxury and mass has never been fuzzier, as brands explore the limits of marketing high-low sensibilities to consumers who have seen it all. To win consumer attention, it’s about repurposing ads across platforms and infusing irony into messaging to emotionally connect,” it said.

The report noted that extraterrestrial theme continues for S/S 19, with brands adopting punchier concepts, low-tech graphics and effects, and a subtle inclusion of ironic messaging.

It cited fashion house Missoni which enlisted Gisele Bündchen for its photoshopped ad with a backdrop that sees her floating among the stars, while Paco Rabanne released a rendering of a home with stark white interiors where a chainmail dress is draped over the bed and the door opens to a bubblegum pink sky.

WGSN further said the lines between mass and luxury are diminishing, as brands continue to embrace unexpected inspiration for S/S 19.

“It’s no longer about imagery that juxtaposes luxury items with equally luxurious backdrops. High-low mixing is in, and brands are using off-beat sets to capture the ornate beauty of their clothes, as seen in Marni and Coach’s campaigns. The premium mediocre trend continues into S/S 19 with the introduction of the Kith x Versace collaboration, modelled by Bella Hadid. The streetwear-inspired capsule is captured in a regal setting,” it added.

The report noted that luxury brands reverted back to simplicity, casting models that mirrored their environment.

These brands also pay homage to the past, from preserving family heritage to celebrating old Hollywood culture and riffing on infomercial-style videos from the ’90s, it said.

“With so much imagery fighting for attention, brands revert back to simple mono-led campaigns. This refreshing dose of simplicity in a sea of chaos is delivering seasonal messages in easily digested formats,” it added.

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