Consumer personas offering opportunity for future food, drink product dev’t cited

Brands are advised to meet the evolved food and drink demands given the five consumer personas set to rise to prominence by 2025.

“Each a set of values rather than specific demographic groups, these mindset shifts represent the emerging areas of greatest opportunity for future food and drink product development,” WGSN client specialist Rivani Changgra said in a webinar, as she presented the report on Food and Drink Personas 2025.

Changgra said these consumer personas are The Restorative Guardians, The Elevated Maximizers, The Expressionists, The Confident Outliers, and The Neoterics.

She said The Restorative Guardians are demanding brands take on the work of eating well and seeking out simple and convenient solutions that give them back their time.

“By 2025, a cohort of tired, over stretched, overwhelmed consumers and those with specific dietary needs will demand brands make healthy eating easy and convenient so they can take that precious time back for their own leisure. They are comfortable taking the time to cook for leisure, but health needs should be in convenient formats,” she added.

With resilience and resourcefulness embedded as key traits, Changgra said The Elevated Maximizers see a desire to do more with less becoming an environmental and economic necessity.

“Having grown used to a backdrop of global challenges and constant change, the Elevated Maximizers will rise with an embedded sense of frugality that is better for their budgets and the planet,” she said. “Food and drink brands should deliver on the idea of reimagined convenience with products that meet these new values and allow this cohort to feel a sense of control.”

Changgra said The Expressionists seek out food and drink that champions personal experiences, creatively draws from a range of cultural influences or which serves as an introduction to unfamiliar culinary cultures.

“Mostly made up of consumers raised in a world where identity and influence don’t fit into neatly definable boxes, and inspiration can come from anywhere. The Expressionists are a cohort at ease with individuality. They’ll embrace food and drink brands that aren’t just
comfortable meeting inspiration in many forms, but which revel in it,” she said.

Changgra said that with passion as a driving force, The Confident Outliers follow their interests and embrace the brands that authentically and earnestly cater to the desires of their communities, or facilitate a way to share their interests with the world.

Emerging from the polycrisis era with a series of radical acceptance, she said The Confident Outliers are breaking free from numbness and apathy in pursuit of stimulation, joy and connection.

“Food and drink brands can tap into this desire for disruption by carefully catering to targeted communities and delivering the thrill of discovery,” she added.

Changgra said The Neoterics, who embrace all forms of innovation, solve the big issues facing the food industry –from clamping down on carbon emissions to boosting biodiversity.

“All ideas and solutions are welcome to this cohort and nothing is off limits if it has a chance of making a difference. Food and drink brands should rise to this challenge and lead in their chosen area,” she said.

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