DOLE to fund projects to upgrade workers’ skills, competencies

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) can avail of funding support from the government to undertake activities intended to improve or upgrade the skills and competencies of their workers and employees.

Labor Secretary Bienvenido Laguesma issued Department Order 241, Series of 2024, pertaining to Implementing Guidelines of the Department of Labor and Employment Adjustment Measures Program (DOLE-AMP) for Workers and Enterprises.

The DOLE-AMP aims to support projects aimed at actively contributing to the promotion of decent and sustainable work opportunities for workers and enterprises amid economic disruptions and emerging employment and business opportunities.

These projects implement measures which include but not limited to upgrade technical, professional and managerial knowledge, skills and competencies of workers and employees; promote efficiency and productivity through the modernization of work processes, operations and systems; facilitate access and sourcing of materials; develop or improve product quality; enhance marketing strategies and access; and help stimulate labor and product demand while preserving or enhancing the employment or employability of workers and employees.

A project under the DOLE-AMP may consist of any or a combination of these components: capacity-building measures, business enhancement and adaptation measures, just transition measures including education and training subsidy, product development and innovation measures, and reward systems and productivity improvement measures.

An employer or enterprise, an employer or business organization, a legitimate labor organization or an accredited co-partner may qualify as a proponent or as a co-proponent of a project under the DOLE-AMP.

A project shall be initiated by the proponent through an application letter signifying its intent to avail of the DOLE-AMP. The application shall be signed by the duly authorized representative of the proponent and addressed to the Regional Office where the project shall be implemented.

If the project proposal consists of several parts to be implemented in different regions, the application shall be filed in the Regional Office where the initial or main part of the project shall be implemented and the DOLE Central Office through the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), copy furnished the Regional Office or Offices where parts or phases of the proposed project shall also be implemented.

The regional director of the concerned Regional Office and the duly authorized representative of the proponent or accredited co-partner shall execute a memorandum of agreement (MoA) to implement an approved project.

The MOA shall include the period and schedule of implementation and completion of the project, provided that no phase of a project shall have a completion period longer than one year from

the start of actual implementation; and the amount of assistance granted.

The amount of assistance granted is subject to the following: up to P500,000 for projects intended for workers in one enterprise and to be implemented in one phase; up to P1 million for projects intended for workers in one enterprise to be implemented in two or more phases; and up to P1.5 million per phase for projects intended for workers in more than one enterprise, whether to be implemented in one phase or several phases.

For projects that include education and training subsidy, the amount shall not exceed the equivalent of eight days of the basic salary of the employee-beneficiary per month and the actual amount of registration fees for the course in which the employee beneficiary is to be enrolled.

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