Exporters urged to tap BOC’s online submission system to file export documents for processing

Exporters are advised to avail of the online submission of export documents, a measure the Bureau of Customs (BOC) is implementing to facilitate trade in goods during the quarantine period.

BOC through Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 82-2020 is implementing for now the online submission of eight kinds of documents for export processing.

The order seeks to ensure the unhampered service of the bureau and provide stakeholders the option to submit their documents online amid travel and movement restrictions due to the quarantine imposed in response to the pandemic.

The CMO covers the processing of application for Certificate of Origin (CO) Form AANZ, application as approved exporter under the Philippines-European Free Trade Association Free Trade Agreement (PH-EFTA FTA), and application as registered exporter in the EU Registered Exporter (EU REX) system.

Also covered by the order is the processing of the Export Declaration, Product Evaluation Report, Certificate of Shipment, Certificate of Identification and Special Permit to Load.

The online submission of these documents for export processing may be availed of by BOC accredited exporters, licensed custom brokers and declarants, according to the CMO.

The order states that the online submission of documents for processing of the Export Declaration should be made within 48 hours from lodgment of the Export Single Administrative Document or SAD in the E2M Customs System or the Automated Export Declaration System (AEDS).

The online submission of the other documents for processing should be uploaded to the Customs Care Portal System or CCPS.

The order clarifies that for the CO, only CO Form AANZ bound for Australia and New Zealand may be submitted and processed online.

Hard copies of the documents must be submitted once the declaration of community quarantine is lifted or within three days thereafter.

On the operational procedure, the applicant needs to register and log in to the CCPS at https://client.customs.gov.ph/ with his username and password and select “Open a Ticket.”

The user then selects the applicable process­for example, filing of export declaration, special permit to load, or application as registered exporter­from the drop-down menu of the “Help” topic.

The detailed steps and guide for the online submission of documents are indicated in CMO 82-2020.

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