Firms urged to build brand

Entrepreneurs are advised to build a brand and gain competitive advantages.

“You can set your brand to be either more playful or more serious, more youthful or more mature, (products geared towards) more for masses or elites, casual or formal, contemporary or traditional. It depends on the item you are selling and the service that you give to your customers,” Gladys Lacorte, Community Team Lead at Canva PH, said during a seminar organized by the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau.

Lacorte said the marketing industry uses 12 brand archetypes, which can be accessed at, wherein brands can be a “personality”.

These include The Explorer, The Magician, The Sage, The Creator, The Outlaw, The Jester, The Lover, The Ruler, The Hero, The Caregiver, The Everyman and The Innocent.

She cited as examples brands that are more adventurous, such as those selling camping gear, which are considered more “The Explorer.”

“Another thing that’s important in building your brand is of course the name of the brand, company… But in thinking of a name for your companies, there should be four tips: one, it should be memorable. Number two, it should be purposeful, (then) it should be appropriate, and it should be available so check always if the brand names are still available,” she added.

Lacorte said entrepreneurs should not only check the availability of their brands here in the Philippines but also in other countries, especially if they are exporting.

She said three types of branding include descriptive, invented and emotive, citing Amazon as an example of emotive brand name because it is associated with rainforest where one can find a variety of trees and animals.

Lacorte also underscored the importance of connecting with colors which have meanings.

She said they also need to find the right fonts for their brands and logo.

“You can choose a font that complements your brand’s personality. If you gonna create presentations or anything you would send to your clients, make sure that you stick with one to two fonts,” Lacorte said.

“One tip I would love to give you if you are starting your brand is check on your competitors… And see how they do things because you can learn from them,” she added.

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