Furniture makers eyes 10-15% growth in 2020

Local furniture manufacturers are optimistic about sales growing by at least 10 to 15 percent in 2020, as they penetrate more overseas markets while tapping the growing domestic market.

“The plan of the industry to go on a massive marketing strategy… Our target is to go to 10 markets for three years. That’s where we feel the buyers can really feel our presence because that is important,” said Myrna Bituin, Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc. (PHILEXPORT) trustee for the furniture sector.

Bituin also underscored the importance of “strong” product development for export markets.

“Product development is very, very important. It should never be considered just a part but it’s an integral part of your business to have product development because you have a major show wherein the buyers would come every year,” she reasoned.

Bituin said they are keen on tapping new export markets, particularly Doha, Qatar, Lithuania and Russia.

In Asean region, she considered Malaysia a “very good market” for the local furniture makers.

Bituin said the United States remains their biggest export market, as they also tap the huge Japanese market.

“I think our trade consuls, we will be working in partnership with them. We have to invest really like the foreign trips. Again, our trade consuls will be of great help to us,” she said.

“One of the things the industry can do is partnership… We are not opponents. The industry should harmonize with one another when it comes to projects,” she added.

Bituin further said furniture manufacturers have been also very active in the local market while incurring slight gains in exports.

“Fortunately, as we can see, not only new hotels but hotels are refurbishing. All big hotels, they are now refurbishing, not only the furniture but the indoors (items) and that makes them really busy,” she said.

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