GDH sector launches Ma’i brand to boost competitiveness

Stakeholders in gifts, decors and housewares (GDH) industries formally launched its unified brand, Ma’i, meant to boost competitiveness for both domestic and export markets.

The brand was officially launched last week as a joint initiative of the GDH sector and the Department of Trade and Industry-Board of Investments to coincide with the opening of Manila FAME, the premiere design and lifestyle event in Asia.

“We still need assistance and more collaborations with government so our next step perhaps is to do a website to encourage other members of the different BSOs (business support organizations) to participate and embrace the brand itself,” said Ma. Rowena de Jesus, President of Ma’i/GDH Philippines.

De Jesus underscored the importance of creating a brand as a tool for increasing competitiveness as the sector is incurring lower sales, especially from the export market.

“The international market is very competitive. You compete with social media, online purchase, online selling versus us which is very traditional. One of our strategies is to go to social media,” she said, noting there are more infrastructure online that needs to be established.

GDH industry players said the Ma’i brand can provide significant support for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) trying to establish their presence in the foreign market.

Their export markets currently include the United States and Europe, while some are tapping new markets like Turkey and Africa.

“The brand is recognized for its high standards, great quality, and for its commitment to accountability, innovation, and social responsibility,” they said. “It represents the industry’s strategic foresight and imaginative pursuit to bring the Filipino and the Philippine brand to the international spotlight – Creating and Defining Lifestyle.”

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