Incentives available for bamboo plantation development

Registered bamboo plantation development owners and processing enterprises can avail of incentives under a policy and be allowed without restriction the exportation of bamboo poles and resources derived from the registered farms and/or plantations.

In a webinar, Ildefonso Quilloy, chief of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Forest Resources ManagementDivision, said DENR Administrative Order (DAO) No. 2021-26 on rulesand regulations governing the establishment, harvesting, and transport of bamboo provides incentives to investors of bamboo plantation development and processing enterprises, and even support activities.

Quilloy said that under section 13 of DAO No. 2021-26, which became effective last September 8, plantation owners shall be exempted from payment of government share for the use of public lands for commercial bamboo plantation for the first 10 years, or when the plantation owner starts to harvest his or her plantation, whichever comes first.

“(And) of course they are exempted from paying forest charges considering that bamboo is planted and they can export the bamboo without restriction,” he said.

Quilloy said the bamboo plantation should be registered for the owners and processing enterprises to avail of these incentives.

He said bamboo poles transported outside of the municipality shall be required to have the bamboo farm registered.

The registration is meant to systematize and harmonize all incentives into the system, including approving authority, he added.

Quilloy said the registration process has been harmonized or streamlined under the DAO.

However, registration shall not be required for backyard farmers who will harvest and utilize their bamboo for personal use, as long as these bamboo will be transported only within their municipality, he said.

Quilloy said the number of incentives and support activities are meant to encourage bamboo plantation development.

He said support activities include capacity building, research and development, technology transfer, financial assistance or subsidy, insurance coverage, and processing and marketing.

Quilloy said such DAO serves as basis of government and other national government agencies to collaborate to assist bamboo planters or farmers to “realize our dreams that bamboo production is a good business at the same time in our part in the DENR that parts and parcel of that business (would) be bamboo as a wood substitute”.

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