Indonesia imposes add’l fresh food of plant origin requirements

Filipino exporters are advised to work closely with their importers to ensure compliance to new requirements as Indonesia improves traceability of fresh food of plant origin (FFPO) exported to its territory.

The DTI-Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) said the Indonesia Agricultural Quarantine Agency (IAQA) announced additional FFPO requirements under its prior notice system which entered into force on May 10 this year.

These aim to improve traceability of food safety control on imposition of FFPO under law number 21 of 2019 on animal, fish and plant quarantine.

These additional data/information in the format of prior notice include description of the importer; reference number, date, and place of issue of phytosanitary certificate; the name of registered food safety testing laboratory; and reference number of certificate of analysis or health certificate.

These criteria previously were not mandatory.

“The exporter or its representative in the origin country must issue the prior notice electronically (online) before the shipment arrives in Indonesia, at the latest, through its prior notice system,” the DTI-EMB said.

This regulation creates two sets of procedures for FFPO imports as follows: products imported from FFPO recognized countries must submit “prior notice”, and products from unrecognized countries must provide prior notice and a certificate of analysis from a recognized laboratory and/or food safety certificate.

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