Aboitiz Construction Group, Inc.                                                                     // Modular & Steel Fabrication
ACGI Cmpd. Tipolo, Mandaue City
Contact Person: Refuel Felisilda Velasco – Manager
Phone: (032) 346-2660
Fax: (032) 343-8683
Email: reuel.velasco@aboitiz.com
Website: www.aboitizconstruction.com


Anzen Products Inc.                                                                                         //Omega pain killer liniment
Don Golam St. Pope John Paul II Avenue, Kasambagan , Cebu City
Contact Person: Pio Castillo Jr.- President/ CEO
Phone: 412-7772 local 129; 412-7366
Fax: (032) 231-2633
Email: anzenproductsinc@gmail.com


Budget Builders,Inc. //Manufacturing/Trading/Lumber Dealer
Natalio Bacalso Avenue, Mambaling ,  Cebu City
Contact Person: Carolyne L. Go/Cecil – CEO
Phone: 261-0890/261-0298-99
Fax: 261-7236
Email: cm@budgetbuilders.com.ph ; bbi@mozcom.com
Website: www. bbi@mozcom.com


C & C Mining Exploration and Resources Co., Inc. //Mineral Trader
Pamutongn, Jubay, Lilo-an , Cebu City
Contact Person: Jocelyn Lim Dacay – President
Phone: 346-5291 to 99
Fax: 3460197
Email: smcshipping@dacaygroup.com


Castalloy Technology Corporation//Iron and Steel Casting / Foundry
Pagsabungan Road, Basak, Mandaue City,Cebu, Philippines
Contact Person: Gloria C. Ngo -President
Phone: (032) 346-2744 TO 46
Fax: (032) 346-0430
Email: ctc@castalloy.net
Website: www.castalloy.net


Cebu Eastar Export Resources//Dried Salago Barks
C.S. Rosal Cor. Kamagong St., Lahug, Cebu City
Contact Person: Alfonso L. Tan Jr. – Proprietor
Phone: (032) 412-2738
Fax: (032) 414-7408
Email: c_eastaraglobelines.com.ph


Cebu  Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics//Fiberglass Products(Bathroom.toilet modules etc.)
Glazpark, Catarman Lilo-an , Cebu City
Contact Person: Jerri A. Caseñas – Manager
Fax: 424-4200
Email: cebufrp88@yahoo.com


Cebu United Polymer//Plastic Hangers
Paknaan, Mandaue City
Contact Person: Rolland Caballero – Senior Plant Supervisor
Phone: 346-5291 to 99
Fax: 346-0197
Email: micsmc@dacaygroup.com


CEED Forming Corporation//Plastic hangers, plant pots, squirts and tubes
San Antonio, Jubay, Lilo-an Cebu
Contact Person: Dolores Lim-President
Phone: 424-6309
Fax: 424-9314


Cenapro Chemical Corp.//Activated Carbon
Jagobiao, Mandaue City
Contact Person: Amado Go -Director
Phone: 344-0989; 344-1135; 273-6202
Fax: 346-0098; 346-8826
Email: amado.cenapro@gmail.com ;cenaprochemicalcorp@yahoo.com


Cenapro Incorporated//Prepared Coconut Shell Charcoal
North Road ,  Jagobiao, Mandaue City
Contact Person: Amado O. Go- Corporate Secretary
Phone:(032) 344-0989
Fax: (032) 346-0098
Email: cenapro01@yahoo.com


CNS Sooin //G.I sheets scrap, Iron Sand, Glass Cullets
501 TGU Tower, Jose Maria Del Mar Corner Salinas Drive, 
Asiatown, IT Park, Apas, Cebu City
Contact Person: Chul Soo Cho – Chairmain
Phone:(032) 520-3043
Fax: (032) 520-3043
Email: elampcebu@yahoo.com


Corbox Corporation//Box board cuttings, Old corrugated cartons
Purok Gemelina Tayud Lilo-an Cebu, Phils.
Contact Person: Esteban C. Ku – EVP-Operation
Phone: 424-9185
Fax: 424-8434
Email: corbox_acctg@yahoo.com


Crown Rubber Corporation//Rubber Sandals/Slippers
H. Abellana Street, Jagobiao, Mandaue City, Cebu Phils.
Contact Person: Elson C. Co – Vice President
Phone: 346-5222
Fax: 3467-448
Email: coelson@yahoo.com


Daniel Philippine Minerals Trading Corp.//Charcoal, Granulated, activated carbon and other coconut products
Las Vilas de el Pardo, Gabuya St., Cebu City
Contact Person: Kirby Reroma – Vice President
Phone: 272-0038
Fax: 272-0038
Email: danielphilippines@yahoo.com


DEVELOP TIMBER STRUCTURE LUMBER AND CONSTRUCTION SUPPLY//Lumber and finished products (doors, moulding. louvers)
1010 V. Rama Avenue, Cebu City
Contact Person: Dione Go Hsu- Proprietress
Phone: (032) 255-2039
Fax: (032) 255-8085
Email: dts.lumber@yahoo.com.ph


ETC Electronic Transcription & Contact Solutions//Call Center
Dampas District, Tagbilaran City ; Bohol
Contact Person: Emmery Santino G. Paredes ; Gen. Manager/ Proprietor
Phone: 038-501-0895
Fax: 038-5010895; 038-4120051
Email: info@etc-solution.com ; job@etc-solution.com


GD Uyfang Mactan Srone Mfg. Corp.//Mactan stones, marble blocks & quarry, copra exporter, real estate, GD Uyfang Foundation Inc.
Sanciangko St., Cebu City
Contact Person: Teresita Uyfang- Vice President
Phone: 255-0430; 255-0470
Fax: 418-4977
Email: uyfang@yahoo.com
Website: www.angelfire.com


Gopoison Logistics //Glass cullets
28-Figueroa St., Cebu City, Phils.
Contact Person: Jefferson L. Go – Owner
Phone: 268-0039
Email: gopoisonlogistics@gmail.com


Green Carbon Inc.//Activated Carbon
Brgy. Maybog, Baybay Leyte, Phils.
Contact Person: David Lim Jr. – President
Phone: 238-6629
Email: dita.lim@greencarboninc.com
Website: www.greencarboninc.com


GSAC Ventures//Limestone rocks
1504 Aple One Tower, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
Contact Person: Geronimo D. Sta. Ana – Proprietor
Phone:(032) 266-1618
Email: gerry_staana39@yahoo.com


Hannam Phil. Corp. //Mineral Ore / Trading ( chromite )
Lower Pakigne, Minglanilla, Cebu
Contact Person: Yanggie Koo – Manager
Phone: (032) 412-4800
Email: yg-koo@daum.net


Hermias Enterprises//Armour, Boulders, Diorite Sand, Silica Sand
15-B Bacalso Ave., Ext. Mambaling, Cebu City
Contact Person: Saturnina A. Hermias – Owner  /Manager
Phone:(032) 267-2760
Mobile: 0927-3605010
Email: hermiasenterprises2010@gmail.com


Hotwork International, Inc.//Heat up equipments, Glass Draining Equipments
Humay-Humay, Brgy. Gun-ob, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu
Contact Person: Marcia Heideliza N. Lopez-President
Phone: (032) 341-3826/ 09228278631
Fax: (032) 341-3825
Email: marcia.lopez@hotwork.ag
Website: www.hotwork.ag


International Pharmaceuticals Inc.//Medical Products
JDon Golam St., Pope John Paull II Avenue, Kasambagan , Cebu City
Contact Person:  Pio Barrios Castillo Jr. – President & CEO
Phone: 231-2633; 412-7368; 412-7366
Fax: 412-7366
Email: export@ipi-phil.com
Website: ipi-phil.com


Interope Corporation//Manila (Abaca) Ropes
505 C. Padilla St., Cebu City
Contact Person: Thomas Ngo- Marketing Director
Phone: 261-4158; 261-3380; 346-0601
Fax: 261-3379; 346-0602
Email: rope@interope.com ; tam@interope.com
Website: www.interope.com 


Ishi Trading//Flat Stone
Purok Ube, Cogon, Cordova Cebu
Contact Person: Olaira Genedette – Owner
Phone: 266-8553
Email: ishi_trading@ymail.com


Islander Footwear Mfg., Corp.//Sandals and Slippers
Brgy. Tungkop, Minglanilla Cebu 6046, Phils.
Contact Person: Alex T. Chua – President
Phone: 273-7799
Fax: 273-7799;
Email: ifmc@mozcom.com
Website: www.islanderphilippines.com


Kingswood Rubber Corporation//Rubber Sandals
Sitio Pamutungan, Jubay, Liloan, Cebu
Contact Person: Elson C. Co- President
Phone: (032) 4246209/09176210916
Fax: (032) 424-6102
Email: coelson@yahoo.com


L & L Ignacio General Merchandise//Occ, waste paper , plastic
White Road, Inayawan, Cebu City
Contact Person: Lutherlee Ignacio Soon
Phone: 273-0647, 505-2647
Fax: 505-2647
Email: lot513@yahoo.com


Lapu-lapu Steel Industries, Inc.//Steel Scrap
888 Cabahug Road., Opao, Mandaue City
Contact Person: James O. Yu- Owner
Phone: 344-7192; 328-4156
Fax: 346-1923
Email: lapulapusteelindustriesinc@gmail.com


Ludo & Luym Oleochemicals Corp.//Capitol  edible oil, crude coconut oil, RBD Palm Olein, cornstarch, Tapioca starch, shortening, glucose and caramel color
PO Box 18 Tupas St.,Cebu City
Contact Person: Alfredo Quilala – Vice President- Treasury
Phone: 261-3131
Fax: 261-2972
Email: ludoluym@mozcom.com 


Mactan Arts Stones//Manufacturer and exporter of mactan stone tiles, wall decors, columns, moulding and planters inlaid with mactan stone
Mandaue Sports Complex , Mandaue City
Contact Person: Tisha Mae Sanchez – Manager
Phone: 344-8612; 422-8499; 420-4921
Fax: 344-8613
Email: tisha@shellstonesource.com


Madeka Stone Development Enterprises//Stonecfrafts(Macbtan limestone tiles, mosaic,walling tiles)
403B Crissant Building Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City
Contact Person: Adelaida Pabico Cardenas – Vice President
Phone: (02) 931-3643 (02) 931-3643/932-8582 /494-4013
Fax: 931-5537
Email: info@madekastone.com ; madekacebu@gmail.com
Website: www.madekastone.com


Mancao Mercantile Co., Inc.//Dried Salago Bark/Exporter
MMCI Bldg., Rizal Extension, Mambaling, Cebu City, Philippines
Contact Person: Lee King Tan – President
Phone: 418-9511
Fax: 416-4785
Email: heron@mozcom.com


Multimax Industries Corporation//Polyurethane foam, rubber foam, velour fabrics, plastics products
Plaridel St., Brgy. Umapad, Mandaue City
Contact person: Frederick Y. Sow – General Manager
Phone: (032) 236-0222; 420-3939
Fax: (032) 236-2222 local-120
Email: stephen.lee@uratex.com.ph ;frederick.sow@uratex.com.ph
Website: www.uratex.com.ph


Nat Mat & More Inc.//Decorative Soap Garland, Decorative Wood / Shell Garland
PC Suico St., Tabok, MandaueCity
Contact Person: Proserpina E. Carreon – Corp. Secretary
Phone: 511-3481; 422-9090 local 113 Email:phrossyec@gmail.com


Nautilus Int’l Trading Corp.//Salago Bark
482-National Rd., Basak, Pardo, Cebu City
Contact Person: Wilfredo A. Chy – President
Phone: 415-4796
Fax: 272-3176
Email: boiechy44@yahoo.com.ph


Noble Horizons Development Corporation//Fiber Glass/Stonecast Potteries
Pag-utlan, Tayud, Liloan, Cebu
Contact Person: Lloyd Jefferson Siao – Gen. Manager
Phone: 424-6789
Fax: 424-8850
Email: lloyd_siao@yahoo.com


Norkis Trading Co., Inc.//Motorcycles
AS Fortuna St., Mandaue City
Contact Person: Catalina G. Alfeche
Phone: 346-1411
Fax: 346-0926; 346-1862
Email: rga@norkisgroup.com
Website: www.norkisgroup.com


Overton Marketing Corporation//Fishing Tackles 
(Swivels, Snaps, Lines, Baits, Hooks)
472 M. Velez Street, Cebu City
Contact Person: Gonzalo A. Gubok – Pres./ Gen. Manager
Phone: 253-3045; 253-3090; 231-4423
Fax: 254-5337; 231-0148
Email: overton@beautiful-swivel.com


Pacific Treasures Lumber, Furniture & Wood Processor//Lumber  & wood furniture, hancrafted decors and fixtures
Poblacion Sur, Carmen, Bohol
Contact Person: Razel T. Chan – Proprietor
Phone: (038) 525-9214
Email: razeltejada06@yahoo.com


PCM Express System, Inc.//Grocery Items
Door No. 4, carlos Perez Building, A.C. Cortes ave., Mandaue City
Contact Person: Demetrio L. Dampios Jr. – OIC- Operations
Phone: 345-0981; 345-2207; 345-3478
Fax: 3458504
Email: pcm-allatpcm-express.com ; dhindo.dampios@pcm-express.com



Philcompro Traders Ex/Import                      //Aquarium Rocks, Peebles Scaping, Llana for decoration, Assorted Sea Shells
102 Quirico Ando St., Dapitan, Cordova, Cebu
Contact Person: Lucia Java – Manager
Telefax: : (032) 496-8628
Email: philcomprotraders@gmail.com


Pilipinas Precious Metal Resources, Inc.//Scrap Metals
Juliana Trade Center, P. Lopez St., Cebu City
Contact Person: Mark y. Yu – President
Phone: 412-5604 , 0922-8351149
Fax: 254-6232
Email: kaluha_0175@yahoo.com


Pristine International Export Corp.//Musical drums, Fashion Accessories, Costume Jewelry, Herbal Products
108 A.C. Cortes Ave., Hi-way Mandaue City
Contact Person: Ma. Luisa G. Hiluano -President
Phone: (032) 346-4431 / 420-5775 / 268-9660
Fax: (032) 346-2215
Email: pristineinternationalexportcor@gmail.com


Profuse Metal Trading Corporation//Scrap Metals
Sixto Lauron Avenue, Purok, Kawayan, Tayud, Liloan Cebu
Contact Person: Eduardo C. Udquin – President
Phone: (032) 260-2504
Email: profusemetal@ymail.com ;profuse.metal@gmail.com


Prolit Industry Corp.//Rubber Bladders
Highway Basak, Mandaue City
Contact Person: Arnold G. Choachuy -President
Phone: 345-3058; 345-1016
Fax: 346-0354; 345-1015
Email: prolit.industry.corp@gmail.com ;prolit.industry.corp@gmail.com


Quarry Ventures Phillipine, Inc.//Philippine marble blocks
117 Shaw Blvd. Pasig City
Contact Person: Ester D. Rosca- President
Phone: (032) 631-9123
Fax: (032) 634-3342
Email: vcadus@yahoo.com ;Sales@teresamarble.corp.com
Website: www.teresamarble.com


Rikio Southeast Asia, Inc.//Jikatabi Shoes
BO. Inayagan, City of Naga, Cebu
Contact Person: Tessie G. Caputol- Plant Manager
Phone: 272-7602; 489-9587
Fax: 273-2450
Email: rikio_sea@yahoo.com


Royal Fountain Design Inc.//Natural Stones
Mahayahay II, Catarman, Lilo-an Cebu, Phils.
Contact Person: Hans H. Klepp –  President
Phone: 424-6204
Email: rf-order@mozcom.com


Shaldan Philippines, Inc.//Air Freshner
Jubay, Lilo-an, Cebu, Phils.
Contact Person: Ernesto Uy Dacay Jr. – President
Phone: 424-6358
Fax: 424-6358
Email: shaldan@globenet.com.ph


Shenzhou Mining Group Corporation//Lateritic Nickel ore
KM. 88 Brgy. Cagdianao, Claver, Surigao Del Norte
Contact Person: Jochrys L. Real- Liason Officer
Phone: (086) 826-3256
Email: shenzou_mining@yahoo.com ;johnchrysus@yahoo.com


Shooters Arms Manufacturing, Incorporated//Rifles,Hand Guns and Ammunitions
Ting Guan Cmpd., Sacris Road Extension, Tipolo, Mandaue City
Contact Person: Luida M. Alonzo – Acctg. Supervisor/ Export In-Charge
Phone: 346-2304; 344-8515
Fax: 346-2304; 344-8515
Email: shootersarms_cebu@yahoo.com
Website: www.shooters.com.ph


SKV Trading//Abaca wrap in nylon
#8 Friendship St., Peacevalley Lahug
Contact Person: Robert Velasco Jr. – Operations Manager
Phone: 253-7895
Fax: 253-8459
Email: velasco_robertjr@yahoo.com


SMC Cebu Inc.//Steel & Plastic Scrap
Marina Mall, Brgy. Ibo, Lapu-lapu City 
Contact Person: Isao Amano- General Affairs Manager
Phone: 236-6665
Email: i.amano.smc@gmail.com


Solid Stone Center Corp.//Sliced Limestone, stone tiles
Eupen Bldg, Mahayahay, Gabi, Cordova , Cebu City
Contact Person: Ignacio A. Paz – President
Phone: 496-8184; 260-1967
Fax: 496-8184
Email: solidstonecenter@ymail.com
Website: www.shellstoneimports.com


Steadytracker Incorporated//Video Equipment (Camera cranes ultralites, camera stabilizer, dolly and etc.) 
Hiway Basak, Mandaue City, Cebu
Contact Person:  Mr. Dana C. Smith – General Manager &Owner
Phone: (032) 236-7284
Email: dana smith@steadytracker.com
Website: www.steadytracker.com


Tenpaku Incorporated //Wooden Pallets
Cogon, Cordova, Cebu
Contact Person: Eikichi Hasegawa Mizutani – Manager
Phone: 236-5411
Fax: 496-2619
Email: ten_nails@yahoo.com


Topway Furniture Export Corporation//Mouldings, Doors & Laver
Don Suico St., Canduman, Mandaue City, Philippines
Contact Person: Dione Go. Hsu – President
Phone: (032) 422-133
Fax: (032) 236-4526
Email: topway_furniture@yahoo.com


Tubigon Fibers & Fashion//Raffia Products
Pinayagan Sur, Tubigon, Bohol
Contact Person: Maria Luisa Alipoyo – Proprietor
Phone: (038) 508-8207
Email: alipoyomalou@yahoo.com



TFA sales Marketing corporation//Specialized construction Finishing Materials
298 Magallanes ST., Cebu City
Contact Person: Tony U. Yap – President 
Phone: 032-2561324 or 032-3462981
Fax: 032-2554560 or 032-3465897
Email: tfesales@gmail.com



Treasure Island Industrial Corporation//Snax beef biscuit container , snax chicken biscuit container
No. 255 A.S. Fortuna St., Bakilid, Mandaue City
Contact Person: Mr. Daniel O. Ong -President
Phone: (032) 232-0513 to 17
Fax: (032) 232-0518
Email: daniel@islandpaints


Urban Resources Corp.//Steel scrap
United Nations Ave., Mandaue City
Contact Person: Benito O. Chia Jr. – President
Phone: (032) 328-4048
Fax: (032) 346-1192
Email: info@urcph.com


Visayas 5 Agrifeeds Corporation//Copra Meal
Purok 1 Door 2 Brgy. 91 Abucay, Tacloban City
Contact Person: Gerald Nelder -President
Phone:(053) 325-8987
Mobile: 0927-6856826
Email: nelderg@yahoo.com


World Essence Trading//Air freshener
Purok Narra, Tayud, Liloan, Cebu
Contact Person: Lim P. Pepito – Proprietor
Phone: 09335377343


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