Key themes within color, materials, finishes for smart fitness tech cited

Trend forecaster WGSN has cited key themes emerging within color, materials, finishes (CMF) for smart fitness tech as more consumers have taken up exercising from the comfort of their own homes post-pandemic.

“This has led to a boom in smart fitness products and wearables to monitor our every move and vital signs. CMF designers are responding to this growing market by infusing products with intriguing colors, materials and textures that appeal to a wide demographic,” Melissa Taylor and WGSN Consumer Tech said in a report.

The report said smart tech accessories are becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of form and function.

“CMF plays a vital role in a product’s success,” it said.

It said the key themes emerging within CMF for smart fitness tech are muted shades, pale grey, matte rubber, warm wood, bright highlights and pastel.

“Consumers are looking for products that will fit into their interiors. Explore a range of mature shades that give fitness tech a more elegant and refined look,” it added.

The report also pushed the use of delicate tones to give fitness tech products a serene feel.

“From earbuds and wearable trackers to at-home exercise equipment, choose pale grey to give products a warm, minimalist feel. Explore different surfaces. Take inspiration from sportswear to create marled, flecked and knitted designs, or use matte surfaces for a sleek and contemporary look,” it said.

Brands can likewise infuse tech with a sporty feel via matte rubber surfaces in fun shades and patterns.

“Go high energy with color, from pale pastel shades of dusty pink and sky blue, to lemon yellow, aquamarine blue and fire red. Alternatively, products look sleek, sophisticated and luxurious in matte black iterations,” it added.

The report said fitness products can be given a surprising and unique look with tactile wooden surfaces.

“Designs range from sleek and luxurious to handcrafted and functional. The material is used across smartwatches, gym weights, rowing machines and water grinders, including pale woods such as ash and light oak as well as darker cherry and walnut,” it said.

The WGSN said tech products are borrowing from the design language of the gym and activewear to inspire dynamic movement.

“Bright colors are used to add highlights and all-over color, from electric blue and fire red to lemon yellow and cobalt blue. They are teamed with deepest black and charcoal grey to create a bold contrast,” it said.

The report said pastel colorways make fitness seem more approachable.

“Pastel shades seamlessly coordinate with existing fashion and interior looks, from retro pale pink and dusty blue to sage green and pale apricot,” it said.

It said smart fitness products can be also given a fashion-forward look via metallics in all guises, from brushed and matte to a high shine.

“Smart fitness tech doesn’t need to look straight out of the gym. Instead, products from wearables to large home fitness equipment can be given a high-end look via metallic finishes,” it added.

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