Leverage digital channels to drive revenue growth, MSMEs told

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are advised to develop products that meet customer needs and boost online selling to expand their businesses, especially this pandemic.

“These digital solutions can help expand our businesses, increase sales and at the same time help reduce our expenses. So what will happen? Higher sales, lower costs translate to higher earnings. So we need to embrace digital (technology) because this helps our business,” Carlo Edmund Calimon, executive director of Let’s Go Foundation & StartUp Village, said in mixed English and Filipino in a webinar.

Calimon said digital selling is the process of leveraging digital channels to engage with loyal customers and look for new ones.

“Use social media especially Facebook to promote and generate more sales, engage your loyal customers and gather data and information so you know how you can do business better,” he added.

In the social media, Calimon said MSMEs can use appealing photos and videos to entice more buyers for their products.

“Nice pictures for online selling are important,” he said. “You might invest, get a professional to do it. If there is no budget, it is okay, there are friends fond of taking selfies.”

“Use Canva to edit those pictures so the background will be good, you can edit these well, and post these nice pictures,” Calimon said, adding that good pictures also tell a story.

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