LGUs urged to participate in QBO model

A trade official is encouraging the local government units (LGUs) to participate in the country’s initiative to develop the startup sector and to enhance the local entrepreneurs’ ability to create products and services that can bring Filipino brands in the global market.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Export Marketing Bureau (EMB) Director Senen Perlada said the QBO Innovation Hub is public-private collaboration between the DTI, Department of Science and Technology (DOST), J.P. Morgan, and IdeaSpace Foundation.

Perlada said the interest of the DTI-EMB in the QBO Innovation Hub are startups intending to scale-up.

“It is now important in a globalized world (that) we have to identify those products and services that can go global. So QBO, it is basically a PPP (public-private partnership) for Filipino start-ups changing the world,” he added.

The Hub aims to link innovators, explorers, investors, academic institutions, start-up mentors, funders and enablers as well as a broad spectrum of partners and stakeholders from both public and private sectors to convene in constructive interaction.

Perlada is optimistic about having more partners in the QBO model, especially the LGUs.

He noted that some LGUs have tried using artificial intelligence in the “delivery of governance services.”

He added frequently asked questions for the LGUs can be one of the platforms of the QBO model.

Perlada said programs of QBO model undertaken for free are co-working spaces; networking events among startup enablers, accelerators and incubators; introductory class; consultation service; specialized workshops; focused group discussions; and J.P. Morgan incubation program.

“We give feedback. We have showcases where we are able to teach our investors and most importantly, we have incubation (program) here with the assistance of J.P. Morgan Chase,” he added.

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