LLDA implements online system for permits, monitoring reports

The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) has implemented an online system for the application of LLDA Clearance (LC), or the environmental permit, and submission of self-monitoring reports.

Emiterio C. Hernandez, department manager of the LLDA’s Environmental Regulations Department, in a recent webinar said this is part of the agency’s transition to the new way of doing business as COVID-19 measures limit the mobility of people.

The LLDA Clearance online application is a web-based system that supports the application of both conditional and permanent LCs. The online system is available 24/7 and allows stakeholders to apply without having to be personally present to submit their application for environmental permits. The system also allows the online payment of fees.

There are different types of applications for LCs, according to Hernandez.

The new LLDA Clearance is the clearance applied for by persons, natural or juridical, with existing and/or new development projects and activities in the Laguna de Bay region.

The LLDA Clearance Exemption is applied for by persons with existing and/or new development projects and activities in the region who are exempted from securing an LC.

The LLDA Clearance Expansion is applied for by persons with existing and/or new development projects and activities in the region and required to secure this kind of clearance.

The LLDA Clearance Amendment is applied for by persons who are requesting for amendment to their previously secured LC.

According to the LLDA website, online application for now is limited to new LCs, as application for the last three types of clearances is still under development.

To apply for a new LC, the applicant should go to www.LLDAonline.phand register by creating an account, filling in the required fields and submitting the documentary requirements. If the application is approved, the user may then pay through the system using online banking for the release of the conditional clearance.

The applicant may also make payments over the counter or at the banks. The LLDA will then inspect the business premises and if the application is approved, the applicant may now obtain the permanent clearance.

For the submission of the self-monitoring reports, on the other hand, individuals should go to http://onlineservices.llda.gov.ph/osmr/login.

And as an interim measure, the LLDA said it will not require a notarized copy of the LC application and the self-monitoring report “at this time but will expect them to be returned upon lifting of the general community quarantine.”

Hernandez also said the agency has likewise migrated online the conduct of seminars for its Continuing Environmental Education Program and Continuing Environmental Education Seminar for pollution control officers.

“Because this is an online system, the corresponding fees were reduced by half,” he said.

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