Modernization, improved clearance processes, NSW onboarding lead BOC 2021 priorities

Under its new list of priority programs this year, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) plans to implement its modernization program, enhance the export clearance process, and onboard more trade regulatory government agencies in the National Single Window (NSW).

To modernize itself, BOC will undergo re-engineering to improve its administration, reduce transaction costs, and enhance predictability and transparency of the clearance process through use of information and communications technology (ICT).

It will also operationalize its Customs Operations Center, its intelligence and enforcement central command facility which was inaugurated last month, and the establishment of a customs training institute.

BOC also aims to intensify this year its post-clearance audit and post-modification functions by implementing an enhanced procedure of account-based and transaction audit.

The bureau will also implement a computer-aided risk management system and post-clearance collection payment guidelines.

Another priority is to encourage an additional 15 trade regulatory government agencies to join the NSW, the platform required to connect to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Single Window.

The goal is to have all 75 trade regulatory government agencies across 18 government departments fully interconnected via TradeNet.

TradeNet is the government’s online platform for processing applications for import and export permits and serves as the country’s NSW. TradeNet will eventually replace NSW Phase 1 currently being operated by BOC.

BOC said that to achieve its goal, it will engage more with agencies and stakeholders, and promote the benefits of implementing international standards through the use of the NSW.

The bureau will also engage its mother agency, the Department of Finance, to arrange a workshop on the NSW for relevant stakeholders.

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