Online alert system eases access to product requirements in export markets

Entrepreneurs planning to export or expand their markets are encouraged to register for a notification alert system covering products and markets of interest, furthering opportunities and avoiding trade disruption.
In a webinar, Angelika Grisuk, economic affairs officer of the World Trade Organization (WTO), said the ePing,, helps private sector stakeholders benefit from transparency and they stay informed on and react to product requirements in export markets.

Grisuk said 164 member markets share advance notice about upcoming changes in product requirements.

Once registered in the ePing notification alert system, she said, stakeholders can receive these notices in their inbox based on products or markets of interest.

Grisuk said they can browse notifications on new and updated product requirements in the database and access more information in the international forum.

“Since you now know about these new requirements that may affect the product, you can get ready and you can reflect the changes in the requirements of your product and you can keep your trade flowing. You
can continue to trade because we are now introducing product requirements and also if you have a doubt (on) specific regulations, you can discuss with stakeholders in your country,” she added.

Grisuk said registered private sector stakeholders can reach out to their government’s inquiry point if they have questions and participate in the national forum to learn more.

“Even if you are not registered, all the information is there, you can browse all the information. But there is no membership, there is no cost (to register),” she added.

Grisuk said stakeholders can access on tablets, smartphones or computers, then create an account, and register preferences.

“We are working on a mobile app so you can download it at the Google (Play) or Apple Store. It is already available, we are still working on some tweaks but it’s much more simplified information than what you have in the website…,” she said.

Marites Directo, training regulations and technical information manager of food and beverage firm Universal Robina Corporation, sees the ePing alert system beneficial to her function and also the company.

“One because it addresses or improves our regulatory compliance not only in the markets where we want to enter but also in the domestic (market) because you get the alerts. And I like the alert system because it goes to your email and then it gives us a summary,” she said.

Directo said it is also easier to identify what are the requirements of an export market as the alert system links to the website or to the draft or actual regulation.

“Then it gives me a better understanding of what the notification is or the upcoming regulation or policy is so it’s easier for me to understand and to communicate that requirement to the one who will be doing the product development or design of our product or to the manufacturing,” she added.

Moreover, Grisuk said there are over 18,100 users of the ePing notification alert system today. Of the total, 48 percent are from the public sector, 39 percent from the private sector, 4 percent are mixed, while 9 percent make up others.

An improved version of the online alert system ePing was launched in July this year, providing a single-entry point for users to submit and track information on product requirements while enhancing coordination
among government agencies and the private sector.

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