Please be informed  that PHILEXPORT Cebu will again be conducting its Annual Election of Board of Trustees for the term 2020-2021 on November 26, 2019 at 3:00 to 5:00pm at Philexport Cebu Office. Six (6) of the eleven Board of Trustees of PHILEXPORT CEBU will end their term by year end 2019.

The six (6) duly recognized Sectoral Associations that shall be affected by these regular turn-over of Board representation are:

            FURNITURE SECTOR          – 1 representation for two year term (2020-2021)

            SHELLCRAFT SECTOR       – 1 representation for two year term (2020-2021)

            SEAWEEDS SECTOR           – 1 representation for two year term (2020-2021)

            MEPZCEM                             – 1 representation for two year term (2020-2021)

            FOOD SECTOR                     – 1 representation for two year term (2020-2021)

            HEALTH & WELLNESS SECTOR   – 1 representation for two year term (2020-2021)

Deadline for submission of nominations to Philexport Cebu Office is on November 18, 2019 together with written acceptance of nominees

The candidates from these sectors shall yet be voted by the majority of Philexport Cebu members, in general (i.e. not only by the members belonging to your sector) in the upcoming elections, for them to sit in the Board.

To guide your choice for nomination please find the following guidelines:

  1. On the person eligibility
    1. He/she must be of good moral character;
    1. He/she must be the officially recognized representative of a member company
  2. On the company’s eligibility
    1. The said company must likewise be a member of good standing of Philexport Cebu.
  3. Must be nominated by the Sectoral member or by a Regular Member of the same sector;
  4. The nominated candidate must submit a written acceptance of his/her nomination.

Attached please find the nomination form and candidates acceptance to be filled up and faxed to Philexport Cebu at fax nos. 254-4333 and 254-0774 or email us at

Thank you.


Federico T. Escalona

Executive Director

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