Premium brands, high quality products sell on Amazon Japan

Sellers on Amazon are advised to offer high quality products and premium brands to expand successfully to Japan.

“Generally speaking, Japanese consumers are willing to spend money if the quality of the product is high. It is something to consider,” John Cant, the co-founder of Rising Sun Commerce, said in a webinar.

Cant said products that do not take too much space and can help Japanese to live comfortably can be also offered as Japanese live in small apartments.

“Another factor that you might want to consider is that Japan has a relatively ageing population… sell products to those demographics and that is something to consider too,” he said.

He added that premium brands are also “very popular” in Japan.

Cant said products that sell on Amazon platform are those that “stand out from the crowd” and those that consumers are searching for.

“Obviously, on Amazon, there’s a lot of competition for a product. Youare going head-to-head (competition) with people selling very similar products,” he said.

Cant also identified difficult products to sell on Amazon, including those that customers are not searching for, Christmas/novelty gifts, electronics with complex instructions, and low priced items.

He said businesses can sell their products to the customers using Amazon’s platform, Seller Central, or Vendor Central which is by invitation from Amazon.

Under Vendor Central, Amazon buys products from businesses at wholesale price and it issues a purchase order when it wants stocks, he added.

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