Sales of savory snacks in Germany seen rising

Sales of savory snacks in Germany are projected to continue increasing over the next five years, as consumers prefer healthy snacking options.

“The increasing popularity of the snacking trend, having several small meals instead of one big meal, eating on the go and busy lifestyles are expected to help maintain growth in overall category sales over the forecast period,” said the Euromonitor Digest released by the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau.

The report said high rates of innovation and changing consumer preferences towards healthy alternatives are expected to be reflected in “even more dynamic” new product launch activity.

It noted more products to satisfy the growing demand for healthier alternatives to potato chips are expected to be launched. Products that fall within vegetable, pulse, and bread chips are seen to maintain high growth rates.

“Even though traditional potato chips are expected to continue to account for the bulk of sales in savory snacks, sales of other varieties, such as coconut or banana chips, are expected to increase,” it added.

The report further said niche companies that provide such products are expected to strengthen their position and launch new and more exotic flavor combinations, citing as an example nougat and sea salt or rice snacks covered in ginger powder.

“Strong competition is expected as other small companies are projected to enter savoury snacks through authentic products with a natural image,” it said.

“The other focus is targeting sugar and fat content, replacing them with healthier alternatives such as honey or sea salt, as well as baking rather than frying the products. Developments in the area of improving nutritional values – or perceived nutritional qualities -will continue to reshape savory snacks,” it added.

Moreover, the report said private label continues to hold a stable position in savory snacks, accounting for around a third of retail value sales with no considerable fluctuations expected.

“New product launches continue to provide analogous products to the premium, branded products, but at lower prices, so that consumers are therefore very willing to buy private label products. Being able to follow the new product developments and innovation offered by the large players helps private label (to) maintain its strong and stable position. Private label lines typically enjoy very positive acceptance among consumers, especially in nuts, seeds, and trail mixes,” it said.

The Euromonitor Digest further said savory snacks overall is expected to be driven by premium products, noting the movement towards more natural tastes and reducing artificial flavorings and colors will continue to develop further.

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