SMEs see e-commerce growth under ‘new normal’

The Philippine is among the most positive markets in AMEA, FedEx Express survey shows

Asia Pacific, including India, China, Japan and Korea, will see e-commerce revenue reaching US$2.09 trillion this year as 57% of the region’s population shops online.

65% of e-tailers struggled to handle growing orders as talent search was challenging. A further 73% said they saw very high resignation levels over the past 12 months.

A research on the latest e-commerce trends commissioned by FedEx shows both Small and Mediem-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and consumers expect future growth, with the Philippines among the most upbeat in the hemisphere.

The survey also found out SMEs are bullish on innovations in digital technology.

Consumers in the region are looking for innovations in personalization, “shop-entertainment” and payment options that enhance their experience while making it easier to discover new brands and purchasing more convenient.

With shopping festivals aplnty on the calendar, consumers seek more seasonal offers.

These findings show plenty of fertile ground for e-tailers to experiment with new approaches to help build their customer base, the research entitled What’s Next E-Commerce says.

The survey carried out in July queried SMEs and consumers in 11 markerts in the Asia Pacific, Middle Esat and Africa (AMEA) to explore the continuing evolution of e-commerce in the region and identify the trends that could fuel their future growth.

“COVID has accelerated our lifestyles to a pivot point whre shopping online has been normalized across all demographics, and there’s no going back. E-commerce is set to take a growing proportion of total consumer spend,” said Kawal Preet, president of AMEA at FedEx Express.

He said with more shoppers online, consumer preferences get more sophisticated. As SMEs and e-0merchants evolve their online sales platforms, opportunities for players to capitalize on what consumers want emerge, he added. He said customers experience is driving how e-tailers engage buyers and how to innovate shipping solutions.

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