Top trends for 2023 cited

Solar energy revolution, mindful gaming, augmented reality (AR) in everyday life and algae-based materials to buzzy super-ingredients are among the 13 top trends that will define 2023 and beyond.

The WGSN report furnished by the Design Center of the Philippines said that with the global polycrisis sending fuel prices skyrocketing, energy that is free, local and green is now considered as solid investment.

It said all manner of innovative solutions are being demonstrated in the built environment.

“But with consumers struggling to pay energy bills –and many forced to choose between heating and eating– there’s bigger opportunity for businesses to help people use solar energy in their homes in the easiest way possible– not just via rooftop solar panels but through
everyday accessories such as lamps, kettles, heated blankets, toys and even fans,” it added.

WGSN said gaming will increasingly become a source for healing into 2023 amid culture impacted by mental health concerns.

It particularly cited the United States where 55 percent of gamers, played during the pandemic as a form of stress relief.

“This trend is also starting to influence product design and development for hardware, gaming accessories and gaming environments,” the report added.

As the world approaches an era in which AR will feature in all corners of one’s lives, the WGSN said data from a Deloitte study commissioned by Snap Inc predicts that nearly 75 percent of the world’s population will use AR regularly by 2025.

“With consumers now comfortable using AR on their smartphones and AR navigation coming to cars in 2023, releases of AR smart glasses from tech’s big hitters will push the technology to the next level,” it said.

The report said the development of algae-based alternatives is another trend in the next few years, with fast-growing and renewable super-solution algae will be increasingly relied upon to create lower-impact fibers, foams and materials.

It said algae is expected to bloom in fashion in the next few years.

“The organism is already being used for materials in some casual shoes, replacing oil-based options within foam soles. In apparel, algae is emerging as an alternative to resource intensive synthetics including polyester and nylon. Algae inks and fabric-finishes are being piloted by brands across the globe, including the likes of Pangaia, Adidas, Patagonia, Levi’s and Puma,” it added.

Further, the WGSN identified other top trends for the next few years which include the modular sneaker, DeSo (decentralized social media), sea moss, fantasy fitness, digital lavender, uni flavor, skin rewilding, sotol Mexican spirits and sweaters for furniture.

“In 2023, we’ll start to see the social media status quo reimagined in terms of decentralized models. These have the potential to improve mediation of user-generated content, and challenge the control of corporations, enabling brands to respond to and align with growing
stakeholder expectations around trust, inclusion and participation,” it said.

The report said sea moss will emerge as the buzzy new ingredient in beauty products in 2023.

It said fantasy fitness, known variously as ‘entertrainment’ and ‘exergaming’, fitness tech products that gamify working out –or conversely, turn entertainment into working out– are seeing increasing success.

“We predicted this as a key 2023 trend over a year ago. In VR (virtual reality) tech, fitness has become one of the most popular use – cases, leading to the beginnings of a fitness metaverse via popular app such as Supernatural (US),” it added.

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