Training, coaching programs available for exporters, would-be exporters

Exporters and would-be exporters are encouraged to avail of government training and coaching programs and services to start or expand their businesses.

Philippine Trade Training Center (PPTC) executive director Nelly Nita Dillera said the export promotion training pathways are a series of training provided depending on the firm’s level of development.

Dillera said such training is classified according to tracks, including operations, procurement and sourcing, developing integrated international business synergies across different markets, marketing and analysis, finance, regulations, market access, and compliance.

“We know that when we go to the export market, there are certain requirements, standards, (and) compliance that the international market would be looking for from your product so we can help you on that. We have food certification programs, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), FSMS (Food Safety Management System), industry certifications, even our ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and even gifts, decors and housewares certifications,
we have contents for those,” she said.

“Most requirements internationally are market-centric, meaning a particular market would have a different package, different set of standards or requirements so let us know what your needs are so we can provide you programs,” she added.

In addition to the export promotion pathway, Dillera said the supply chain and logistics enterprise development pathway is also aligned with the Philippine Skills Framework. “So no less than the industry players, the industry association from the supply chain, and logistics are the ones who validated the skills and competencies that are addressed by each and every module that is included here,” she added.

Further, Dillera said a new export management coaching initiative is also being implemented in partnership with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and funded by the European Union.

“This is not just purely a lecture or providing you inputs but this also involves coaching initiative,” she said. “Since this is funded by the European Union, the leaning of course is towards Europe.”

Dillera said the Advancement of Skills and Competencies of Entrepreneurs for Internationalization Agenda on Export (ASCENDX) provides customized training intervention to existing, new and potential exporters to “bring world-class business to the next level by learning the latest trends in the exporting world.”

“If you are thinking of expanding your business outside national boundaries, ASCENDX or our export program is the answer –exploring and finding new sales opportunities, extending provision in providing jobs, helping in economic exclusive growth and be exposing to new ideas and concept,” she added.

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